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We bring to you the finest quality gemstones unearthed


Founded in 1997 by Asraf Sultan, Right Gems Supplier is a gemstone supplier based in Bangkok operating also in Hong Kong. Being run as a family business with Asraf’s sons, Mufeed Mohamed and Muflih Mohamed, the company is one of the largest manufacturers and wholesalers of a wide variety of gemstones.


Sourced directly from the mines of Brazil, East Africa (Tanzania, Madagascar & Kenya), Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and Thailand through trusted suppliers, carefully handpicked over the years, we guarantee top-notch quality and purity in the gemstones we offer. Our position as a leading supplier in Thailand as well as a major exporter in the American, Japanese, European, Hong Kong, Malaysian, and Singaporean markets is a testament to our product quality. We prioritize our customers above all else.

Driven by our commitment to meet their needs, we take each order seriously, perform resizing, reshaping, and polishing as required, and meet it with dedication and perfection. We strive to surpass expectations instead of simply meeting them. We take pride in our excellent service quality for it has helped us reach the heights we are at today. We hope to continue offering our best to our customers and suppliers and build our extensive network of connections to effortlessly bring natural beauty in the form of gemstones in mines all the way to elegant pieces of jewelry worn around the world.

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